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if you had a horse, what would you name it??

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"David_Teh_Derp" wrote:

"shae508" wrote:

"David_Teh_Derp" wrote:

"shae508" wrote:

"David_Teh_Derp" wrote:

"Keekeow" wrote:

I would dye it rainbow and name it rainbow dash.

Seriously? My Little Pony is seriously abusing the meaning of dead, brave warriors. A dead knight becomes a horse. If your pony is king Arthur he will kill you totally, and you will be pwned, your parents will be rly dishonoured that a pony coloured in rainbows killed you, no offense tho, just saying how much you should think about before joining bronies. 

Not sure if this is troll....

Or they just don't make sense.. 

Once, again, I'm not a troll since I'm actualy concerned. So if there were a troll here it would be Keekeow since He/She waked the concern posibly turning her/him into a concern troll.

Concerned about what? I can't even make sense of your post, maybe a clearer explanation? 

It seems that you can't make sense of it because you have another mind than me, if this was chat site that welcomes trolls I wouldn't be scared of getting banned for calling you stupid. But here I must be dishonest all the time. But you do notice what I'm trying to say to you here, is that right? Maybe it's YOU that is the troll here. This is starting to get a bit like forums that are not aimed at kids right now. It's like Steam Community (sry for comparing, mods) where people are following the unwritten rule:
Be dishonest (in almost every rules & guidelines you will find that as an easter egg), but in secret are honest and explaining someone stupid because they actually are. Einstein said there were three things that will never end, one of them was human stupidity. No offense, by the way. You might have learned a lesson today, and you're the pwned one since you're asking a useless question, it happens to everyone, don't worry, but thanks to my noble family it has never happend to me.

I see...You ARE a troll.
See someone who wasn't a rude troll would have explain it to me. But YOU sir decide to just call me stupid. And really, pwned?!
-shakes head- I wonder who the stupid one is.... 

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Why not be insane instead?

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