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What do you think is the world's coolest animal?

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April, 2014
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Horses, Wolves and All Dog Breeds Big Grin

Animalgirl4ever and Hunter Hayes Lover4ever

I am a TEXAN and I'm proud to be one

Horses are god's apology for men

I am not a racist but I completely hate Obama

"Don't be afraid to go after what you want to do and what you want to be but don't be afraid to be willing to pay the price"- Lane Frost World Champion Bull Rider 1963-1989 R.I.P

What do you think is the world's coolest animal?

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August, 2013
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any animal is great. Why else would i want to be a large n small breed vet?

Love isn't being happy,
It's what he does to make you happy.
You've held my hand in the night
Broke my heart made me cry
Through it all I've been here
Wondering if your care was real
I never thought how far you'd fall 
For anyone else at all
I've held it in every time 
I saw you go and pass me by
How else could I keep 
From letting go and being me

What do you think is the world's coolest animal?

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March, 2013
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Hard to decide, they are many of them, but I'm going to say dogs are the coolest animals, in my opinion. 

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