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make a anime character theme song

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August, 2013
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ok so here is a new forum by me still about Anne but more into the my music side of things as we have come to see some brilliant theme,opening and pop songs from Japan.
So......what u have to do is pretty simple
U May do as many u like from whatever anime u wish u can use tunes from song s that already exist so plz do the following:
1: put the name of character and anime
2: song title
3: the lyrics to your character song
4: ( optional ) put what song u used as a soundtrack

Thx and this is teto bye

twin weaville
hikaru and kaoru

make a anime character theme song

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June, 2013
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Someone is calling,
I'm being called
Alright, leave it to me; let’s go
More! More!
To the east and to the west
I’ll keep running
If you desire it too,
I'll come pet you
That’s right, if fighting is your only option
Then that’s what you’ll have to do
The awesome me's the most supreme! The strongest!
The one who gets the last laugh, yeah!
Is the awesome me, of course!
Danke! [1]
The best! The most fearsome!
You guys can praise me
I’ll show you my massive dream
A succession of victories for sure!
Alone in my room
I’ll write it today too
A memorial of the awesome me
More! More!
Hey little bird chirp for my sake
It will heal me; niyo niyo!
This is bad, a panda that will bring happiness
I won’t be fooled
The awesome me will show up! Burn it up!
I’ll do whatever I want and I’ll do it violently
Old man, please watch over me!
Mein Gott! [2]
In a pinch! Punch!
Sometimes even a warrior starts shaking
(...I’ll leave things at this point)
A reverse in the situation, I’m going to be hasty!
All of the maps will someday be in these hands...
I’ll laugh as I run through
That’s right, it’s not because I’m weak
It’s because I’m too strong
The awesome me's the most supreme! The strongest!
The one who gets the last laugh, yeah!
Is the awesome me, of course!
Everyone! Come here!
Let’s exchange ##### addresses?
Being alone is too much fun
Everything will be in these hands! Just you wait!
A succession of victories for sure!

I'm an anime addict. My favorite genres of anime are Slice of Life, School, Moe, Romance, Ones with a lot of hot guys, and a bit of Ecchi (even though I'm a girl, lawl! XD )

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