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Apex_Genisis_2579416 Lock
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October 2013

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Posted over 2 years ago

Who's your favorite? And what songs? Vocaloid, Utauloid and any other Loid you can think of. :3

Gumi and IA FTW!!!

Although I like most. Lily and SeeU are probably 3nd and 4rd :3

I'm in your brain right now. I control what you think about! Like Kiwi! I bet you started thinking about Kiwi right there. And there you go again. I'm just too good at this. ;3
Maybe one day you too can learn how to control someones thoughts just like me. -Apex

By A16

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May 2015

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Posted over 1 year ago
My favourite Vocaloid list goes like this:
6. ONE Aria on the Planetes(I know she's not a Vocaloid, but she's so cool!)
5. V Flower
4. IA Aria on the Planetes
3. SeeU
2. MAYU(It's even my nickname!)
1. Utatane Piko

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