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hey ppl!!here i''m gonna be writing down some old love songs that could actually mean something to u. like if ur bf left u and u still love him i have a song for that, or if u just completely love someone i have a song for that. if ur fell in love and ur gf/bf left for a while and comes back and u still have feelings for him i have a song for that. before i write down the song i''m gonna make a comment about them, putting details so u can understand the song better. if u''d like to put an old love song in here ask me first plz. thats it for now enjoy this topic! comment:well i''m not really sure who sings this song but i like it. its sung by a man and a woman. u could mostly hear the guitar playing if u listen to it.theres also a piano playing. its called "After All". mostly about them getting back together and braking up over and over again but they realize that they''re meant to be together. well enjoy reading it!!

man:Well here we r again. I guess it must be faith. we''ve tried it on our own, but deep inside we know, we''d be back to set things straight.
woman:I still remember when. ur kiss was so brand new.
Man: every memorie repeats. every step i take retreats.....
man and womanDisappointedvery journey always brings me back to u.
man and womanxchorus]:after all the starts and stops, we keep coming back to these two hearts. two angels who''ve been rescued from a fall. and after all that we''ve been through. i''ll come down, me and u. i guess its meant to b, forever, u and me. after all.
woman:ur love is truly right. i''ll move from here to u.
man and woman: it changes as it goes.
woma at all the way it grows.
man and woman: but it never diappears.
woman:its always just beyond my touch. i feel so useless.
man: after all what else r we living for?

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