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Posted over 11 years ago

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Default girl
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what kind of music do you lisen to i listen to hip hop,rap,some country what is your fav music?

Blakely is my name and Softball is my game i got winnin on my mind and man i am mighty Fine.
mizz chrissie,skate or die,
punkychel,spycat05,mz bossy,
,cheetahprincess1993,mzz princess135,*carnell is fine*,cuterose,frizzy1993,
heypeeps95,*tony london*, *eatr94*,*leogirl*,Riagen,
~*Hi AlL mY FrIeNdS
WaZ uP!!!!!!*~

Posted over 11 years ago

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Default guy
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I mostly listen to rock and metal.

People stand here and there, seen this and that, knowing what''s happening is wrong and inhumane. Yet we never stood up and asked the three letter word, why?

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