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Posted over 11 years ago

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Default guy
22 Sep 2006, 19:08

Mr. Lif - Mo'' Mega

So for now I''ll be brief, so I''ll probably update this later with a more thourough review, but today I got the CD "Mo'' Mega" by Mr. Lif, and I''ve already listened to it a couple of times, it''s pretty awsome!

I would say that some of the songs weren''t the greatest, and he''s done better stuff xThe songs "I Phantom," "Live From The Plantation," and "Home Of The Brave" continue to be my favorites) but this CD was definately good and worth the money.

I still need to listen to it more to get the lyrics memorized and stuff and actually get into it some more, but at the moment I''d say my favorite tracks are "Ultra Mega," "Murs Iz My Manager," "Take, Hold, Fire!," "Mo'' Mega," and "For You."

Another thing I really like is the case. It''s rather fancy looking, and I also love how the booklet is set up so it''s attached to the inside of it. Speaking of the booklet, I love the passage on the first page:

"Mo'' represents the dialect of the Black slave in America.
Mega represents the hyper-modernized world we live in.
As the cost of living increases at an exponential rate,
more of us are finding it difficult to keep pace.
I feel that the term Mo'' extends beyond race to describe
the masses whom have not achieved elite levels of wealth.
Mo'' Mega is the juxtaposition of the slave and the elite
with no common ground between the two."

Great CD. Worth buying if you''re into rap.

Posted over 11 years ago

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Default guy
21 Oct 2006, 19:20

New CDs

Okay... So this is interesting.

Awhile ago I got The Paramour Sessions by Papa Roach. And... I don''t know. I just can''t listen to it. I''ve listened to it all the way through once, but I haven''t really gave it a "good" listen yet.

From how much I''ve listened to it... It''s good, but it''s just not the Papa Roach I know, it''s not what I expected. It''s a LONG jump from Infest. I mean, from Infest to The Paramour Sessions, the metamorphasis is clear. I have four Papa Roach albums now, and I think that''s where I''m stopping.

Anyways, Toni burned me a Reel Big Fish CD, or rather, just a random mix of songs from their three disc album "Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album!" And indeed, it is AWSOME. Hilarious, and they''re also very talented.

Also, I''ve recently been listening to a lot of Ozma.

The next CD I get will either be Ozma, Melee, The Blood Brothers, or Atmosphere. I have yet to decide.

And finally, here is my musical gift to you. My Song Of The Day compilation vol. 1:

Akira The Don - I Can''t Go To Sleep
Anti-Flag - The Press Corpse
Mr. Lif - Home Of The Brave
Muse - Invincible
The Paper Chase - The House Is Alive And The House Is Hungry

Subtle - F.K.O.
Billy Talent - Line x Sinker
-API- - All Of The World
Perfect Paranoia - Nobody Needs You
Zero 7 - Look Up

Roger Alan Wade - If You''re Gonna Be Dumb
Pendulum - Hold Your Colour
Pully - Insects Destroy
Chronic Future - Eyes Wide Open
Rage Against The Machine - How I Could Just Kill A Man

Temposhark - It''s Better To Have Loved
Curl Up And Die - You''d Be Cuter If I Shot You In The Face
311 - First Straw
Zebrahead - Someday
Lemon Demon - Telekinesis

The Green Sweaters - Man On The Wall
Atmosphere - Smart Went Crazy xThe Beauty Pill)
Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation
The Blood Brothers - Every Breath Is A Bomb
Suicidal Tendencies - Don''t Give A [Censor]

Ozma - Apple Trees
Eleventy Seven - More Than A Revolution
Reel Big Fish - We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
Stars Of The Lid - I Will Surround You

<3 to you all.
Spread the music.

Posted over 11 years ago

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Default guy
11 Nov 2006, 15:31

A New Obsession

Well last week sometime I found out about the site [Site] due to a [Site] bulliten posted by the The Arrogant Sons of [Censor]. I went there and downloaded some of the albums they had, and out of all of them that I downloaded, I was instantly addicted to Goodbye Cool World by Bomb the Music Industry!.

Ever since then, I listened to Bomb The Music Industry! every day, and almost all day, barely listening to anything else. Eventually I got To Leave Or Die In Long Island and Album Minus Band as well.

Though my favorite is still Goodbye Cool World, they''re all pretty amazing, and I''ve been obsessed with them lately. I wouldn''t say Bomb The Music Industry! is suddenly my favorite band, just a current favorite, or current obsession.

Damnit, if I had paypal, or money for that matter, I would definately donate some money, because these guys rock!

So yeah, you should go check out Bomb The Music Industry! at [Site]

My favorite songs by them:
-King Of Minneapolis xAll four parts)
-Even Winning Feels Bad
-5 Funerals
-Side Projects Are Never Successful
-Grudge Report
-Future 86
-Syke! Life Is Awesome!
-Dude, Get With The Program

And really many more.

In other news, before I found out about that site I got the CD "Everyday Behavior" by M

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