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Default girl
 Hey, does anyone like Paramore, because them and Jonas Brothers are awesome!


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Paramore is ok, not the best band ever, but there still ok.

Wandering through life attempting to make a mark a scratch
a stain a line on the world's walls.
Working, wishing, waiting to catch my words in people's throats
to burn my images on to their skin.
Finding people to love and places to remember.
Discovering what I'm meant to create and learning what I'm meant to destroy.
Training to take the breath from society.
To put the light in the masses eyes. Promises. Car wrecks. Camera lens. Chapped lips. Hunger. Blood. Ecstasy.

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Paramore is amazing.

Makes me sick that they''re on MTV.

hey moon, please forget to fall down. hey moon, don't you go down.

Posted about 10 years ago

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Default girl
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i love paramore

jonas brothers not so much

*****i don''t blame you for being you
but you can''t blame me for hating it
so say what are you waiting for
kiss her kiss her
i set my clock early cuz you know im always late

Come to the darkside-
we have cookies!
you are so out of my
top 8
oh would you like some ice for that burn??

just so ya know....I Love Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump

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