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''Kay. Pretty much every teen these days has an ipod or MP3 player. (I hate to admit it, but I''m attached to my ipod.) So here goes: Pull up itunes, and scramble up the order of whatever play list.  (Just plain music library is best, or purchased.) Then, post the names of the first 15 songs that play + and the first line of each one. It''s amazing how much you can tell about a person from their music. (Unlike clothes, and all that superficial stuff.) Feel free to open another window and do something else, since this takes a while.
1. He was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it anymore obvious?-Sk8er Boi, Avril Lavigne
2. I''m standing on a bridge, I''m waiting in the dark, I thought that you''d be here by now,-With You, Avril
3. Another night, another dream, but always you,-Another Night, Real McCoy
4. Hey there, Delilah. What''s it like in New York City?-Hey There Delilah, Plain White T''s
5. Love, love, love, love, love, love... You were everything I wanted, you were everything a girl could be,- Hate, Plain White T''s
6. Kiss me out of the bearded barley,-Kiss Me, Sixpence None the Richer
7. We watch the season pull up it''s own stakes,-Stolen, Dashboard Confessional
8. Hope dangles on a string like slow-spinning redemption,-Vindicated, Dashboard Confessional
9. I like where we are when we''re driving in your car, -Here, Hellogoodbye
10. Jessie is a friend, yeah I know, he''s been a good friend of mine,-Jessie''s Girl, Rick Springfield
11. What cha'' gonna'' do with your life?-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Jamie Lee Hoffman
12. Are you scared to walk through the hallways? Are you worried that the spiders run away?-Save Ginny Weasley, Harry and the Potters
13. You''re not sure that you love me, Not sure enough to let me go,-Leave the Pieces, The Wreckers
14. This is why I''m hot, This is why I''m hot, This is why, This why, This is why I''m hot.-This is Why I''m Hot, Mims
15. I''ve had time to write a book about the way you act and look, but I haven''t got a paragraph.-That''s All I''ve Got To Say, Art Garfunkel
    Yes, 15 is indeed from The Last Unicorn. *squee* Love that movie. Your lucky I didn''t break out the Disney soundtracks. Mmhmmmm... so listen/groove/post away!!

"It''s not a unicorn. It''s a horse with a sword to guard my hopes and dreams."~JT

Boys are like lava lamps: fun to look at, but not too bright.

Corbin could play a better Troy than Zac. Heck, even I could play a better Troy than Zac.

"What happened to Grandpa?!?!"
~Alyssa, on watching Gilmore Girls

Me-Hey, Alyssa, what''s an adjective?
Alyssa-Huh? Oh, it describes a noun.
*muffled laughter*

"It''s like I married my best friend."~JT
"But in a much more manly way."~Turk

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K here goes. beware, I just got my mp3 player and I didn''t get to buy any songs yet. I just have the songs from my favorite cds.  It won''t tell you anything about me that you can''t tell from my siggy.


1) "My heart is beating from me, I''m standing all alone."          Homecoming -green day

2) "Brothers and sisters put this record down"        Our lawyer amde us change the name of this song so we wouldn''t get sued   -fall out boy

3) "Well if you wanted honesty, that''s all you''d have to say."      I''m not ok  -my chemical romance

4)  "Last years wishes are this years apologies"  I''m like a lawyer...  -Fall out boy

5)  "Sit tight, I''m gonna need you to keep time."     The only difference  -panica at the disco

6)  "I comb the crowd and pick you out"      XO -fall out boy

7)  "Am I more than you bargained for yet"   Sugar we''re going down   -fall out boy

Cool  umm... no line here, this song has no words          A new beginning   -good charlotte

9) "When I think about my life I wonder if I will survive to live to see 25 or will I just fall" Moving on -GC 

10)  "Long ago, just like the hearse you died to get in again."  Helena -mcr

11)  "Turn away if you could get me a drink of water..."   Cancer   -Mcr


Thats all for now, my mom is nagging me to get off the computer. but one more thing.  I was wondering if you got the quote in your siggy from scrubs.  Love that show, ask me any question about the show and I will answer without getting out of my chair. 


Sorry, I like to say what is on my mind.

~~~~~~~~~HEY SHORTY~~~~~~~~~
~I was shorty before shawty~
###was shorty###
I''m the master of the wicket!
~~~~~\\\ :~p |~| d~: ///~~~~~
OMG/MCR/FOB/P!@TD= best evr.
``--__I SAID KNOCKOUT!!__--``
No Sayz no ++++ noooooooooo
#SyDnEy U uGgO lEgGo My EgGo#
You''re remorse
hasn''t fallen on deaf ears
rather ones that
just don''t care...

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Ok, well, I''m doing this with Windows Media Player,(my mp3 player is empty and glitchy Worried) but it works the same anyways. And also I only have about 70 songs(which sounds like a lot but really isn''t to me)
1.Start Of Something New-HSM1(Living in my own world, didn''t understand) I have some sort of problem with HSM 1 songs, namely Breaking Free and Start of Something New
2.Second Chance-Faber Drive(I found the phone, I must''ve missed your message)
3.I Can''t Take My Eyes Off You-HSM1 Bonus Track(You never know what you''re gonna feel, oh)Again, a problem with this song.
4.Never Again-Kelly Clarkson(I hope the ring you gave to her turns her finger green)
5.Won''t Go Home Without You-Maroon 5(I asked her to stay, but she wouldn''t listen)
6.White Houses- Vanessa Carlton(Crashed on the floor when I moved in, this little bungalow with some strange new friends)
7.This Love-Maroon 5(I was so high I did not recognize, the fire burning in her eyes)
8.We Believe-Good Charlotte(There''s a woman crying out tonight, her world has changed, she asks God why)
9.Like You''ll Never See Me Again-Alicia Keys(If I had no more time, No more time left to be here, would you cherish what we have)
10.The Little Things-Good Charlotte(This song is dedicated to every kid who ever got picked last in gym class, to every kid who never had a date to no school dance, to every kid who''s ever been called a freak)
11.Dance Floor Anthem-Good Charlotte(She''s going out to forget they were together, all that time he was taking her for granted)As you can probably tell, I love Good Charlotte.
12.Shine-Brian Melo(Every corner you turn, walls are closing in)
13.Nobody''s Home-Avril Lavigne(I couldn''t tell you, why she felt that way, she felt it every day)
14.Broken Hearts Parade-Good Charlotte(We got problems, we don''t know how to solve them, everywhere we go we got some skeletons that follow)There are a lot of oh, oh, oh''s at the beginning, I didn''t put those in though. And also this is my favourite song right now. It''s been stuck in my head pretty much all week.
15.Girlfriend-Avril Lavigne(Hey hey, you you, I don''t like your girlfriend,No way, no way, I think you need a new one)

Wow, this is like a mini-adventure of self discovery.Anyway, I had fun doing this!

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A Few Things To Know About Me:
-I''m crazy. Yah, I admit it.
-I have tons of willpower.
-I like to argue sometimes. So what? Sue me.
-I love smileys.
-I love my enter button.
And that''s why I''m awesome.

"If you''re being made fun of, chances are you''re probably doing something right."
-Amy Lee.

"Everybody''s hurt somebody before,everybody''s been hurt by somebody before"
-Good Charlotte, Victims of Love

"If falling for you is crazy, then I''m going out of my mind"
-Hedley, For The Nights I Can''t Remember

Posted about 10 years ago

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1.  no u hang up- Shayne Ward

you got my attention at hello we had this connection that wouldnt let go


2. angel of mine- Eternal

when i first saw ya i already new there was somethin insida u


3. Like a boy- Ciara

pull up ur pants just like em take out the trash just like em


4. Hate that i luv ya- Rihanna and Neyo

as much i luv ya oh as much  i need ya


5. Baby Love- Nicole Scherzinger

I remember like it was yesterday 1st kiss n i knew u changd the game


6. Convictions- Daughtry

Open up the book u beat me wid agen


7. When ur gon- Avril lavigne

I always needed tym on my own


8. Home- Daughtry

Staring out into the nite tryna hide the pain


9. Bleeding love- leona lewis

Closed off fum luv i ddnt need d pain


10. If your not d 1- Daniel Beddingfield

if ur nt da 1 den y daz my soul feel glad 2day


g2g bye

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