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The GC song that i can relate to the most

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Napintas2 Lock
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January, 2007
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the song that I can relate to the most is... Aww man!!! I for got the name! Yeesh. Okay um I think it''s #13 from the CD the young and the hopeless. I can relate to it because it says everything that I would actually wonder about my dad cause it turns out we havn''t talked in 3 years. And yeah.If you listen to it you''ll know what I''mm talkin'' about.

I love you, but do you hate me?
I would love it if you did.
Can you roll your eyes at me a dork?
Would you hit me and push me just to prove that you''re bigger than me?
Can you really look at me and say abuse is what I need?
I want none of this.

I want to be loved and cared for.
I want you to say bye and hi every time you pass me by.
I want to wear a smile on my face, and I want to see you smile at me as well.
This is what i really want.

"cookie for me please?"

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get to know me first before judging me. I''m not creepy. I''m just a little different from you.

The GC song that i can relate to the most

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km16 Lock
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January, 2007
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You mean Emotionless. I know the fealing. I relate to the most is The Young and the Hopeless.

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