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New vesion of we are the world

Celebs cartoon
Posted over 8 years ago

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hey i watched the remake of we are the world they mixed it up a bit and randy jackson was in it and i think the Jonas brothers are in it too and for all the justiin bibere fans out there justin bibere was in it too! he sang the first words at the beggining! Plus it was for Haiti because they had that earth quick back in jan. and over 1,000,00 people died in it. Edited by: just one of a kind on February 12 at 08:53 PM

crazy crazy CRAZY! ouch my finger got sewed into a piece of fabric!

if you wanna know my nicknames they are Purple BanAnna and JordAnna Sparks given by HugeBear (Huge)

Posted over 8 years ago

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Sydney, writer in the making

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