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Just Cynthia's piccolo

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February, 2010
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So Cynthia finally realized that if it was her job to play her piccolo to make it snow. Okay let's go! She played her instrument. In she did as was ment. As soon as she done playing she asked for a cupcake as she may. At bedtime in the night the star's shined so bright. At breakfast at last. She ran so far to school for which is cruel. Time to shine for a time! smile The end! Deet da da deet da deet deet deet! Deetda deldy deet deet!

Just Cynthia's piccolo

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March, 2010
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Isn't Cynthia the one with the black hair white pigtails purple eyes lite purple eyeshadow plays a piccolo long sleve shirt blue pants black boots and likes waffles and is a seasondoll? Wink Indifferent Angel Tired Indifferent Hippie

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