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pooh 6076-l Lock
pooh 6076-l
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January, 2007
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How do u get a boy to like you? If anyone knows please tell me.

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drop_dead_sexy-l Lock
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January, 2007
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Act like you have a life, and say hi whenever you see him, but never too involved in conversation- pretend to be real busy. Maybe flirt occasionally. But not too much. If you''re too clingy, that''s a turn-off for a guy.


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Joker_01-l Lock
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January, 2007
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Ok, for one thing your post is in the wrong place, my goodness people. Ok now to your post, you can''t make someone like you, it''s just impossible. And if that''s the way you go, it''s all wrong. Just be yourself, and if they don''t like you for you, it''s a waste of your time to try to make them like you. Enough said...


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