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How do you feel about One Direction?

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missbeauitful_1845965 Lock e1691472cafece64304be81c5c9c507a93800d3a6cd5948297266277351b71ef
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Posted almost 5 years ago
Hello this will be one of my longer posts. But I want to know everyone's opinion on the most famous boy band in the world. One Direction In my opinion they are AMAZAYN but some people don't think that. Then again.. I respect your opinion why wouldn't I? But incase you don't know about them.. I know a lot to educate you  a little bit.. So anyway. One Direction was formed on the X-Factor UK They all auditioned in different cities and one in a different country in the UK the band is made up of 5 boys Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and, Harry Styles From ages 18 to 21. They made it to live shows on the X-Factor and really impressed the judges. They made it to the X-Factor finals in 2010 they placed number 3. Later on that year they came out with a single called What Makes You Beautiful which pretty much tells all girls who are insecure that they are beautiful. They are a REALLY good influence on a lot of people's lives. They don't cuss at all while singing actually.. Harry hates cussing.. so they don't really do it. But.. Teenagers are teens.. they will cuss.. You know it XD anyway. In 2011 They came out with their first album called "Up all night" then they started Touring the world!! I'm so proud of these boys for making it this far in their music. This year in 2012 they came out with 2 singles Live While We're Young and Little Things. You can search those on Youtube. AND On November 13th in the US their new album "Take Me Home" Comes out. **I THOUGH OF THIS!!! ALL CREDIT GOES TO ME AND ITS A PRETTY FAMOUS SAYING NOW "It's those Little Things that What Makes You Beautiful so lets stay Up All Night and Live While We're Young after all that you can Take Me Home. Pretty clever right? and when people say they have NO TALENT woahh.. The X-Factor is a series of LIVE SHOWS AND LIVE SHOWS ONLY!! No recording.. No autotune. AND SIMON COWELL is a judge.. He is the most picky judge in the WORLD and they came in 3rd place. I respect that everyone has different tastes in music. But sometimes the hate you guys send them.. Its.. Ugh I just dont even know. But. There was a bromance in one direction.. Larry Stylinson ?? Yeah.. I loved them Its a bromance between Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles. I THINK ITS FUDGEING ADORABLE!! But they got called gay.. and they became less close though the two years they were a band... That makes me sad. Really sad.. They made eachother happy.. anyway. Comment below or respond or w.e I really want to hear your opinion on One Direction ? K thanks Big Grin Love you all

#Jillsta f0r3v3r
--I am in love with the singer Jill-

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