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 seriously they don't have anything on swimming. I am a swimmer and its lame that nobody blogs about their swim team. Let me tell you two things. 1 if your a swimmer send me a comment or message cause i have tons to tell. 2 I am going to tell yall about swimming.I have won a metal, tons of ribbons, and as of right now am in the second highest level on my swim team. I am best at freestyle. Second best at frog stroke.If thats what you want to call it. and third best at back stroke. I have won some titles and frankly have this blog to tell about me and my interests. So if you don't like this post, well to bad cause this is my best interest.

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I know you posted over a year ago now… 

But I absolutely LOVE swimming, more important than anything in my life.
I am the same won heaps of medal and many many ribbons and heaps of trophies smile.

Bree Tongue Out

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