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The Bible would be better off as a fairy tale.

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Posted over 5 years ago

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"hutcherfan1" wrote:

i don't believe you at all.....

The bible is a very important book....

And i'm not judging you, i'm just implying as a fact that alot of people believe in Christianity (me being one of the 2 million) it's important. not a fairytale

Auctauly its 2 Billion. 

Posted over 5 years ago

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"AlphaT" wrote:

"Owlgirl" wrote:

I've been to Mt. Siani or however you spell that. It was pretty sad, because some religious group was tearing of the leaves of this one poor bush because they thought it was the 'burning bush' or something. Also, this is going to be really random, but the food at the monastery there is really good. Just saying. I realize this was a really pointless reply and I don't care. XD

Woah, you've been to Mt. Bedr? awesome. 

Yeah, I travel a lot. 

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