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Politics and Religion

why does radical islam ruin everything and why do we still tolerate it

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Posted over 4 years ago
-Not like Byzantines ever had invasions of their own in the east and Asia minor. 
- But Islam doesn't preach enforcement upon those who choose to believe in another religion or no religion. Yes, I know you said radical, but not every point of the ones you wrote are done by radicalism. 
-Altaic Asia?
-Iran isn't Persia anymore, yes. 
-I do think Islam more in the past than now, changed and might'v made huger changed in Europe, though it isn't that much evident now.

Oh, so you think all the Sunni Muslims are radicals? I'm not a Sunni I'm just a Muslim, and surely I believe you're wrong. There is going to be people using religion as a devastating tool everywhere it isn't exclusive to anyone. Also, same thing with using power or authority, and that goes for everyone

why do we allow these heathens to continue to ruin the lives of so many?'' I don't know if you plan on having a verdict put on everyone who is a Sunni (that you claim a heathen), or what? If so, you might as well think about your own judge towards everyone who ''continue to ruin the lives of so many?''. 

''1453 worst day of my life''
I'll only write...except that day isn't part of your life. 

My opinions is right has the possibility of being wrong, and your opinion is wrong has the possibility of being right.

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