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Politics and Religion

Jewish Exorcism

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Posted about 4 years ago
Yes,  Jews do believe in Exorcism yet it isnt practiced anymore.

King David wrote about his torment from demons

King Saul Wrote about his torment

King Solomon Wrote about his torment even a demon tricked the people that the demon was Solomon  and the real King Solomon was exiled untill he returned and   fought the demon and won.

The Book Of Pslms are really the songs that the Kings wrote about there  Torment and asking God for help and guildence. During a Jewish Exorcism a Rabbi will read the book of Pslams and  use the Shofar and blow the Shofar one long blast with 8 short crying blasts.

yet there is lack of documination in the Torah BUT the writtings  teaches the Jews about Lilith and her demons and how they could control ones mind BUT couldnt take over with posession.
Jews dont believe a demon or Evil  ghost could posess a human.

Biblical Resurcher,Rabbi

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