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Why do Athiest still "celebrate" Christmas?

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Posted over 4 years ago

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"ps3master" wrote:

"Teh_Skittlez" wrote:

If you're offended by people celebrating Christmas irrespective of their religion, you have a problem. It shouldn't matter if I'm hindu, buddhist, taoist, christian, muslim, jewish, atheist, wiccan, satanist, whatever. If I want to celebrate Christmas, and you are genuinely offended by that, that's something you should work on. 

'Christmas' has existed longer than Christianity. Winter Solstice holidays probably date back to the beginning of time keeping. The Yule tree is originally a pagan tradition. Pretty much everything about Christmas, except for the Christ part, comes from pagans. How can you get offended when someone else 'steals' your holiday for their culture/beliefs, when your holiday is stolen from another culture/belief system to begin with? 
go back,read my posts,then reply with an answer that's not ignorant,I already said it came from pagans! Christ was born in spring or fall not winter,santa is based on a pagan demon,the lights are also pagan,as well as that whole cookie thing,and the stockings,and the gifts,but don't get offended by Christian's praying or preaching publicly if you don't want us to get offended of you changing Christ to 'x' and claiming Christmas has nothing to with the first word in its name Christ!

Oh, so kids are lining up to see Jesus at the mall on Christmas? 

I wasn't replying to any of your posts specifically, and I don't think any of them are relevant to mine.  

I don't care when or where Christians pray. They have a right to pray wherever they want, so long as their location of choice isn't an inconvenience to the public. Preaching is a different thing, I don't think they should preach near public schools. Other than that, I really don't care. Atheists can 'preach' wherever also, but I also don't think that they should near schools either. 

Christmas is obviously related to Christianity. But the idea of the holiday, the celebration of it and the rituals of it have existed longer than the name 'Christmas', and to get offended by people of other faiths or no faith at all celebrating is ridiculous. 

Posted over 4 years ago

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Read a little,sant claus is based on the pagan spirit sandy claws (the english translation of the original name of course),who ironicaly would on winter solstice,give gifts to all good children and he would stuff all naughty children in stockings to kill them,he also was noticable by his aroma of sweets and love of milk. 

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