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People who do not believe in the Bible and are Christian.

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Posted almost 6 years ago

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I don't want to start any trouble; but can someone explain the following:  1. If you are a Christian that doesn't believe in the infallibility of the Bible; how do you pick and choose what's right and "corrupt"? What makes God's Love any more true than his justice? Do you pick what makes your feel good? If that's the case; do you really believe all this happened or is it a nice Thought?  2. If you do not believe Jesus was the Son of God, and yet regard Him as a "Good Man"; why? This doesn't work. He claimed to be God's son multiple occasions. He said that people must give up everything to follow Him. Either he,was the Son of God and Messiah, thus God Himself, ;or He was a lunatic. There is no "clever man". One or the other. Unless you can refute this?

God first,

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Posted almost 6 years ago

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I dont think you can be a christian without believing in the bible because the Bible is God speaking to you so you need the Bible.


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