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Well Ma Mom Iz ALWAYZ Grumpy Bout Something Nd Never Seems Tew Relax Herself And Decides Tew Take IT Out On Me Nd My Bros....
And My Dad Iz Worst He Comes Home From Work Nd EVERYDAY Finds Something Tew Quarrel Bout......
Nd Even If There Iz Nothing Tew Quarrel Bout He Finds Something.... Down Tew The Couch In The Room He Must Quarrels Bout......
So Seriously.....

The Bruddahood Shall Rise.....

Posted over 5 years ago

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Default girl
Well it seems like your in a tough situation here.

Have you tried talking to them about what has happened? Another way, as cheesy as it sounds, make sure that the house is clean, trust me, a clean house makes a less-stress environment.  

If none of these techniques work, try talking a supportive person, like a guidance counciller  or a helpline. They will support you and your brothers through everything. Trust me.

Hope this worked :3

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