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I Need Some Help

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February, 2012
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I've been having some problems in my life and need some advice...Heres a list of whats wrong... 1. I'm a closeted bisexual and want to come out 2. My parents cant/havent accepted me as bisexual, even though I told them 3. I'm socially akward and cannot "keep cool" in large crowds 4. I have very few friends and am made fun of quit frequently 5. Im afraid if I come out the bullies will get worse 6. I am not allowed to be myself at school, my parents dont let me 7. I fear I suffer from deppression and need medication 8. I dont like being touched by people Im not fimiliar with 9. I have a tendancy to push people away for no reason, completely without warning 10. Sometimes I want to run away and hide Can anyone give me advice? Please?

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I Need Some Help

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October, 2012
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               If your parents don't accept you for you, that's their problem. Just remember that school, even one with bullies, can be a sanctuary where you can express who you truly are. To deal with the bullies is something you need to do. There are many ways so do what you think would be best.
*Tell a teacher or trusted adult, and let them deal with it.
*Don't give any signs the bullies annoy you, and they will loose interest thinking there is no fun in continuing
*Find a way to annoy the bullies as much as they annoy you.
*Avoid the bullies any way you can, and when you do come across them use the above.
               I beg of you not to let bullies take control of your life, but your parents do just want what's best for you. They may not accept you are bi, but they were brought up as it was a bad thing. Come on strong to show you aren't going to give up easily. You are a young age and need to still find your way in the world.
               Now on the subject of depression. If there are any other sources of your depression like the loss of a loved one you need to confront your parents in that case. If the problem is about feeling no others are on your side you should also confront your parents, but you should look around kidzworld to find people like me who can understand. You are never truly alone. You should not need medication unless you have suicidal thoughts or tendency to cause yourself physical pain or damage. In any other case look for a bright side. If you can't find one comment me and we can talk it out.

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