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mom issus

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November, 2012
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every single time my mom and my moms bf have a fight they always say it's done and i always get excited.but every single time i come back from school he's still there and i really don't like him he like changed my mom from best mom ever in the world to worst mom in the world.she used not have a short temper now she she has the shortest of tempers.and she thinks shes the queen of the world.she thinks she derseves everything.Sometimes i even think of running away or drown myself or .slit myself and stuff like need help telling her i think she's the nicest way ever.whithout her getting mad. smile

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mom issus

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October, 2012
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If you want to talk to someone who has a short temper you need to first make them understand you just want to have a talk; that you are not criticizing or judging them. When you talk you must remain straight faced and level voiced with a resemblance that says you are serious. To avoid any conflict over something like your mother saying "You are insulting me! You just said ................." or something to the affect of you having an unfavorable characteristic because you dislike the relationship she is in, don't say ANYTHING that COULD be taken as an insult in ANY way even if you didn't say or mean it in that way. If you have anything else you need to ask... well... ASK! Hope I could help.

P.S. I am totally crazy !!

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