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I have 3 brother and one older annoying sister we fight 24/7 my mom i love very much my dad i just think he doesn't likes me everything i do he gets mad at me for it and it makes me feel like i was a mistake... i love my mom shes my best friend. i still love my dad but its just that my brothers and sisters are my step brother and sister and it makes think he loves them more than me... We should all have the same amount of care its just not fair </ 3 Worried


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I don't know what to tell you in your situation, except for maybe stop trying to do things? Do what you're asked to do and work hard at those, but if he gets mad for you working at stuff you weren't asked to do, just leave him to do his own stuff. Some people are like that where they work better by themselves and have their stuff the way they want.

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