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So, I've been in foster care since I was 9. And I've always lived in California. But my current "mom" said she wants to move to Europe, and it's always been her dream. She asked me if I wanted to. I said I'd think about it. I haven't known her long so....What should I say. I hate the school here but I love my BFF's in America. PLEASE HELP!!

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Dear Dish-It
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Dear HoodedCreeper,

This sounds like a complicated issue. I think you should stick with what your heart is telling you. If you want to stay in the US then tell your "mom" that and see what she says. I'm sure there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle since she's not your adoptive mom yet and you're still in foster care. Maybe see if you can all talk to a social worker together? It's always best to have the conversations in the moment when you're feeling everything. 

Hope this helps!

~ Dish-It

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