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So my brother finds my diary it didnt have a lock or anything and  he reads it he ripped out pages and gave it to my sister she reads them and he called me to have a talk so i was like.....ok.... And she reads what i wrote on those page wich i did write some mean things about her but  she should not have read it in the first place , so anyway she asked me if she should tell my mom about what i wrote in there so i said of course then she said what am i going to do with you i was like i dont know she said she i come up with a pushment i said nothing then she started to talk about how my mom and dad are never getting back together just to hurt me i did want to cry but i didn't so we share room so..... How am i supposed to keep them from reading my diary ?  

2nd problem : so my sister is the oldest 1'of my brothers is the 2nd oldest and my other brother is the 3rd oldest and me im the youngest Frown but anyway one of my brothers he is alone all the time and my other brother he is all ways with my sister talking but when i try to join the conversation they always say i wasn't talking to  you so im always left out of everything like in the car there always whispering and laughing and they rarely ever talk to me btw my sister is 20 one of my brothers is 16 and my other brother is 17 and im 12 i will be turing 13 in august but you see its like my mom had 3 kids and took a break for 8 then had another i did always want a little sister or brother to talk to but we all know my mom is not going to have a 5th kid and i dont want to talk to my mom all the time and that brother who is always alone there is nothing to talk to him about so i feel like im the black sheep out of them so you see my problem ? And sorry it so long  

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