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Posted 14 days ago

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Over the summer, I believed I developed anxiety. I was with my grandma, and she believed me. When I got back home, I took all my confidence and told my parents, but they think that its all for attention. I took many anxiety tests, and I got high results.  Some people said I should talk to my school counselor. Im not sure what to do, nobody understands how i feel. HELP!

Posted 11 days ago

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i think you should friend me  i can help you

Posted 10 days ago

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Anxiety tests online are often useful to give you an idea of whether or not you might have a problem, but they are NOT reliable diagnostic tools and if you feel that you have any concerns you should always bring them up with your doctor, school nurse, school counsellor, etc. I really recommend seeking help from one of those people or another trusted adult, such as your grandma or a teacher or somebody else.


Posted 9 days ago

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I think I'm suffering the same exact thing. Except different. I feel really "meh" about everything. and I mean EVERYTHING. If something bad happens i just accept it and move on. Everyone tells me that They think I'm depressed. All my friends who suffer depression have gone through these same symptoms as me. I want to tell my mom but I know she'll just think It's an excuse to not do homework and sleep in...when in reality, I'm really always exhausted, homework-shmomework, and if an F is the best I can do then, hey, it is what it is. But my biggest fear is that nobody will care. My mom asked me what was wrong one day and i had an anxiety attack. I started to tremble and gasp for air but i hid it and just said nothing. I laugh to keep from crying,  I sleep to hide from my thoughts, and I zone out to escape reality.

What do you think I should do???

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