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My Uncle

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January, 2007
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My uncle moved in AGAIN ! He thinks everyone is his slave just cause he almost wieghs like.. half a ton! ( 500 pounds )Like one time i was watching tv and my uncle came in and he said " what are u watching?" And i said "a movie" And he said "do u like it so far?" and i said "well it just started." and he said "well get up im changing the channel." And i said "but im watching it." and hes like "well cry u a river." So i went and told my mom what happened cause she told me if Cris did somthing like that then tell her.He totally LiEd to my mom and said " Well she let me!!!!! " What should i do?????????

every time i see him my heart goes BOOM BOOM BOOM

My Uncle

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January, 2007
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Tell him how you feel. Tell him that you are not his slave and that he is really bugging you. You should also tell your parent how you feel. They might not believe you at first but keeping telling the, .dont be a tattle-tale, but twll them how your uncle is treating you.

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