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Family Issues
Problems at home? Can’t seem to get along with your sibs? Get help now!


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January, 2007
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Well i''m just plain unhappy, I know this is a classic family issue but one of my rents is in the military and I bet all of you know whats coming up next. I''m startin 6th and have tons of really good friends and a gf it alL good right haha WRONG! One day the rent comes home and popped the question on the other rent wanna move she was obiviously suprised and he explained. You see they want my rent to be moved to another branch IN TEXAS!!.There''s also a choice of Georgia,CAliforinia,and Hawaii.Now i like these places but who wants to go for the rest of there life! I live in VA so it''s not like anyone can visit.June of this coming year is when it''s all going to go down and i NEED HELP!!!!!!!

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January, 2007
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go to Hawaii! hula hula hula hula!!!


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January, 2007
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i have moved four times already, it sux, making new friends, but ull make friends in no time! i did! peace

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