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Never gunna see them again!!!

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FunkyPrincess-l Lock
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January, 2007
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OK, Im very vry very sad, I love my cousins they are so awesome, Im always laughing with them and having a great time. But I moved to a different country a year ago, this summer they came for vacation and I saw them, and had an awesome time! But they are not coming for vacation here anymore!! Im going to miss them sososososo much, Ive been crying A LOT! What do I do?? I feel terrible! And tears are coming out now so Ill have to stop here but please help!


Never gunna see them again!!!

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axelandra21494 Lock
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January, 2007
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My question to you is, didn''t you have these feelings before you left for this ''new country''? How could you not think of this as you moved to a totally different place on the planet?

Anyway, that''s not the point. The point is you guys can still do a lot together. Here are some ideas:

If you and your cousins are about the same size, buy a shirt and sent it back and forth to each other every month or week. Also send them a letter with the shirt saying everything that happened to you while wearing it.

One of you start a scrap book and every month or week, send it back to each other with pictures of what you did. Include little captions underneath them aswell. When you fill it, the last person to have it can pick a few of there favorite pictures, keep them, send the book to other person and have them do the same thing. Just make another book and do it again.

Do it the old fashioned way, write letters!!! You can put little xxxxs, gifts, even jewelry pieces in there!

Have Fun!!!!

I hope I''ve helped, just remember, they didn''t die, you can still talk to them all the time! The are still your cousins.

God Bless,


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