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i like just moved to a new state and I hate it. I''m really popular at my new school and i have a great b/f but my parents don''t understand that this will never be home. I wanna go 2 my real home.

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can''t get there from here.

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i feel soo sorry u feel like that but the only advice i can give you is try to agust i no it might seem like a really hard thing to do but if u can say to your mom or dad xwhoever u can talk to best )
and tell them how u feel but think this is your new home homesick is a big problem and if i feel homesick i go home but i no u carnt so all i can say is try and stay strong and jst think i can get thorugh this
p.s u are lucky u even have a home a mean like in africa or kenya some of them have to homes at all so u r extremly lucky
love *Xxemma*xX
hope i helped stay stronge smile

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