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step problems

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ok I have a step sister mom and brother and the only nice one is my brother. first of all my step mom is always yelling at me for no reason and is calling me a brat and stuff just becuase i go out with my friend alot.then when i''m at my moms she let''s rhianna xmy step sister) go in my room take stuff out and play with it like last week she let rhianna go in my room take out my kareoke machine bring it up stairs play with it and not put it back. and shes only six. then she ley''s her go in my room and jump on my bed, go on my computer, take every thing off my desk and leave iton the floor and not pick it up. omg and then when i''m there rhiannas a brat, like she says my dads on drugs witch he isn''t and stuff like that what should i do.

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step problems

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m with ur step mom maby u shoul talk it out but with ur sis i don''t know

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