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Advice Column!

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January, 2007
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Hello! I run the advice column in an internet and e-mail magazine, and i need sum questions 2 put in it! So, if u ask me a question here, i will put it in the magazine unless u tell me not 2! So, please ask me sum questions! I can help! I am good at helping! well, ttyl!


Advice Column!

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January, 2007
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Okay, I live with my 2 bros 19, 15 and I''m 14, and anyway when Rich and I get in trouble [witch is a lot since Marty, 19 is real strict] he spanks me and Rich, 15. He uses his hand, belt, switch, and a little wooden paddle. All bare-butt. But I don''t want to Marty in any trouble!
Is this ok?
Is this abuse?

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