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moms on crack, dads a drunk

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chesy-l Lock
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January, 2007
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well my moms on crack or some other drug and my dads always drunk. i use to get the feeling that my mom was going to hit me and my dad would always throw things everywhere, so i go outside as much as possible. my mom does nothing for me, my dad pays for me to ride horses and likes to go out there because he''s a farm guy but i just don''t no what to do because i don''t want to get hurt or turn out like them when i''m olderx14 now) should i talk about it to someone, them, keep it to myself?

moms on crack, dads a drunk

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hamster_girl-l Lock
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January, 2007
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do your have a sister or an aunt or uncle? if not then i know this sounds really bad but you need to call the police or social services it''s very bad to do drugs and can hurt her very bad and hurt you hope you take my advice

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moms on crack, dads a drunk

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QueenOfSpades-l Lock
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January, 2007
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try talking to a school counselor

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moms on crack, dads a drunk

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Surgardreams Lock
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January, 2007
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Hamster_girl is right contact a family member or the police.

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