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Teachers and end of the year grades!

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Posted almost 6 years ago

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Default girl
Okay, so theres this one teacher that ive had for 2 periods in a row all year long, and she hates me soooo much! First of all, this isnt just me. Almost every single person fails her class! She looses everyones work all the time and she wont take blame for it, EVER! Its soooooo annoying. I have her for s.s. and language arts. Basically what she does it she sits around for 90% of the class telling us stories about her life and her kids, ect, ect. and then expects us to do all the work in 15 min!!! She totally picks her favorites. Well I am extremly good at language arts, and s.s. and I LOVE both, and i actually was good enough that i can get a grant at a private school for gifted kids last year, and i got straight A's in both these classes, and this year i have failed both of hers all 3 trimesters!!! I feel like now whatever I do she will just fail me! I think she just picks her favorites. The worst part is when she looses my work, and is being unfair my dad doesnt believe me. Hes just like, well she probably just strict and if she looses your assignments i geuss you'll just have to work xtra hard and do them over again! Okay, and this is the worst part for me, well one of her s.s. books i had in my backpack, well one day i had juice in my backpack and it spilled and ruined the book. Its a pretty expensive book and i dont have the money AT ALL to pay for it and this time i actually brought up my grade and she says if i cant pay for the book shes failing me in her class(s)! I dont think thats fair, that just because that happened i fail, Its not my fault i cant afford it and i cant help that happening! Is she right or am I and idk, should i get in trouble for this with my parents or not?

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