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My mom out of the blue stopped talking to her fiancee. They've been together since I was really little. She told us that they're breaking up a week ago. Now she just told me that she's pregnant again. We already have a 1 year old. Now she has half the money and twice the kids( the 1 year old and the one on the way. She already had me and my sister. ) He's not my dad,  but I love him. How do I handle never seeing him, or having two younger siblings that are constantly going to his house?

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Sounds so much like my mom's situation with my stepdad. they have been getting a divorce and they were together since i was 4. he has been my only father figure that was around for me. I guess what I do is ignore it. Ignore my feelings that i get when my little brother and little sister leave for a week at a time. I spend as much time with them as i can. I guess I dont miss my stepdad though... idk why. but i got over that after the first month. it was kinda nice getting a break from being yelled at or punished. i have grown up alot now that he is gone believe it or not. I realized things ARENT going to be perfect.

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