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My little brother beats me up and hits me, black mails me, and will boss me around im to weak to beat him up but i can hurt him. If i tell my mom he will just tell her a secret thats about me i was stupid to even trust him! What do i do ? ( by the way dont tease me!)

OMG. true story time. ok so you know those breath sprays that people use in the movies before someone is about to kiss someone. well i thought it was perfume they used. and i tried it when i was smaller , AND IT TASTED REALLY BAD
what a funny dude

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Hmm.....sorry to hear that. My suggestions probably won't be useful to you as this is what I would do.  1. Play a prank on him or blackmail him back.  2. Wait to get him into trouble.  Like I said, my answers weren't going to be very useful at the moment because my brain is not thinking inventively. Sorry.  

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I have an older brother like that. You have it easy. Since you're older you have an advantage. My brother has a social disorder and doesn't support me, care about me, treat me with respect, and everything I do is wrong to him. He physically and verbally abuses me on a daily basis. And he can't help it. So he gets away with it. Don't feel bad, the best way to get over an annoying sibbling is to ignore them and be the better person.

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Beat him up and show him who's boss. 

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