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(May I join?)

Happy cow happy cow wherever you go.
Happy cow happy cow take it to and fro.
Happy cow happy cow follows you all day.
Happy cow happy cow play play play.
Happy cow Happy cow better than the rest.
Happy cow happy cow is the best.
Happy cow Happy cow never goes away.
Happy cow in stores now!

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Besides, if you knew it, I'd have to get rid of you. smile



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 May i join?
~~~~~~~~~~~                                       Supernatural form
Name: Yurippi

Age: 514

Gender Female

Personality: Stubborn, clumsy, fast thinker, fast learner, smart, atheletic, strong, never shows any feelings in her voice neither on her face but is still kind and wants to protect her friends

Appearance:  Yui has black hair that she often ties a ribbon in, she always wears black clothes but her eyes are glowing red so she always carries her sunglasses with her

Species: A vampire that can hypnotize people with her eyes (Can somehow be out in sunlight), but the hypnotizing only works for about 10 - 15 seconds

Other: When she was 15 years old a vampire came to her house and killed her parents and all her siblings (she had 6) except for her

Weapon: She always keeps two knives in her sleeves, even when she is sleeping, and in case of emergency she takes her sunglasses off and hypnotizes people but everytime she does that she feel dizzy later and often throws up.

"Even death can't cure idiocy."
-Yui, Angel beats!

The girl who leapt through time
"Sometimes all it takes to fall in love is the guts to try."
-Kazuko Yoshiyama, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

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Supernatural Form-

Name: Arianna Grene
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Perso: She is very sweet but can be mean if you get on her bad side.
Appearance: She always has a red bow in her hair. And she has piercing blue eyes. 
Species: She is shapeshifter that can turn into a huge wolf.
Other: N/A

Here is a pic of her in wolf form:

-Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Let love LIVE while it can..

Haha Louis!

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Human Form

Name: Kelly
Age: Ten
Gender: Girl
Personallity: Kelly likes to have hard facts, and is open to opinions. She doesn't like to horse around and will never use eleven words when five would do - unlike most people would think.
Appearance: Wavy dark brown, coffee like mid length hair and dark tan skin and black eyes.
Weapon: (Any weapon) Bat and a sling shot
Special Skill?: (not powers. Just a special skill!) Good liar (doesn't like to do it)
Power you earned from the sword and Chalice: I don't know.

Sig Pic WoT

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Okay, I shall eat chicken!!! xD
May I join though? :3
If I may..

Supernatural Form

Name: Kalina 'Kat' Akatsuka
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Personality: Kalina is kind, but it takes a while for her to start trusting most people- although there are some people who she automatically trusts. She does what she wants and doesn't care if others approve of it or not, and she is very perceptive. She doesn't approve of lying when it isn't necessary. Kalina doesn't judge people by what she's heard or by stereotypes  she prefers to see things herself. She's usually very patient, but does have a short temper with some people. She doesn't care much for crowds but isn't an introvert and loves to have fun. She sometimes has to much confidence in her abilities, but she usually has a plan for whatever path the situation takes. She loves getting into physical fights, but she doesn't try and purposely cause them.
Species: Shapeshifter
She can only shift into either a panther or into a small cat, but even when she's in her human form she still has the flexibility, eyesight, agility, etc.of a cat. 
Other: Kalina has a cat, Aki, who grew up with her after she ran away.
Kalina was born into a poor family who didn't approve of their daughter not being a normal child. Up until she ran away when she was seven, they would be very cruel to her and so she left with Aki, a kitten she had found wandering around a year before. From then on the two lived on the streets, Kalina being able to stay in school because they didn't know about her situation. She ended up becoming a thief where her ability came in handy. 

Misa is Misa so please call her Misa Big Grin
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