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I am being SUCH a nerd right now, but...I have to do it.
This is a Minecraft based roleplay!
It's going to be a bit more serious, though.
Here is the plot, and extra information will be given further in the post.


You're a regular human, minding your own business, and one day you wake up in a place you've never seen before. You don't recognize anything around you. It's all trees. You venture into the wilderness to discover a land of snow/ice, as well as a desert. It's around sunset, so it seems, because the sky is a hazy orange color. Then, night falls.
You hear a multitude of noises around you, and when you take a look around, you're surrounded by odd creatures. They look like you, but don't look friendly.
You try to fight them, but one of them speaks to you and says they don't want to hurt you; they want to help you, by helping themselves.
They're just like you. They're lost and don't know where they are. They don't belong in the world you're in. They just need help getting home.

Yea, kind of complex, but it'll be fun when it starts, I promise! I've played Minecraft mobs in many roleplays before, and absolutely love doing it. I hope you guys will too!

Extra information...

There are only a few different types of mobs, which you will see when I get the roles down.
When you pick your role, I'd like you to come up with a name that starts with the same letter as the mob's name, if you could. It works better.
Please, please, please, PLEASE make your characters actually look like the mobs. Just a bit. Please.
Ask to join!
You can take as many roles as you'd like; there's plenty!
Make your form in the same post of you asking to join, so I have something to go off of, okay? Thanks.

Here are the roles.

Passive Mobs(that have roles for them)

Bat (open)
Ocelot/cat (open)
Wolf (open)

Neutral Mobs

Ender (mine!)
Zombie Pigman (open)

Hostile Mobs

Blaze (open)
Slime (open)
Spider (open)
Zombie (open)
Skeleton (mine!)
Ghast (open)
Magma Cube (open)
Creeper (mine!)

Utility Mobs

Iron Golem (open)
Snow Golem (open)

And, finally, we need one person to play "Steve," but they can rename him however they want, but it should still be a male, just to fit the normal Minecraft player.



Hello me, meet the real me.

Posted over 5 years ago

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Posts: 15174


Hello me, meet the real me.

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