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Elven champions

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Posted about 4 years ago
You have been selected to fight for your Elven city if you win you are given many gold, if you lose you will be gone forever.

Only 24 spaces 

You can form an a alliance.

You can and must get hurt at least once.

you can only kill of someone if they agree and if  you tell me first.
You can only have a certain weapon if you put it on your form and there are limited amounts of weapons. 

Have fun 

weapon choices
10 knifes
2 bow and arrows (bows 50)
14 food packs (includes water bottle with water cleaner)
12 backpacks (includes 1 knife, 1 water bottle with no water in, 20 water cleaners, rope,sleeping bag,glasses for night)

monsters to be careful of ;
wasps damage:5
tigers (rare) damage:40
bears(rare) damage:40
hogs damage:20

Age: (min age 12 max age 17)
Weapons: (only 5)
Skills: (only 5)

My form;
Name: Anna
Weapons: backpack, bow and arrow , food pack
Personality: brave, kind,trys the hardest,holds always gets revenge on people she hates
Skills: stealthy, good climbing,good aim, good stamina,fast runner
Looks: long hair , with blue eyes , very small.

Merry Christmas !!!!!!

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