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ssj Gotenks & crazehgurl12's PRP

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September, 2011
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You wanna make the forms? Cuz i dunno exactly what we are roleplaying about xP

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ssj Gotenks & crazehgurl12's PRP

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ssj Gotenks
ssj Gotenks
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May, 2012
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Name: Son Tarin
Age: 18 or so
Gender: male
Race: Saiyan
Bio: Raised in a kind and gentle family,with the occasional fighting. Father is Son Goku; mother is ChiChi; and has two brothers, Gohan and Goten. Tarin trains with his brothers and father, enjoying every bit of it.
Perso: light and bubbily, rarely serious. always kind and merciful (to his oppenents).
Other: Trained in Martial Arts

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