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March 2012

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Some teens are on the same plane for different reasons. Then BOOM the plane crashes on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. Now they need to learn how to live together and find food and shelter until they can get off the island.

Rules ( i know it looks long but just read it please)

No godmodding
no perfect characters
no dying but there could be combat
no leaving people out (just because there new doesnt mean forget them!
I dont really care about the cussing but just remember KIDZworld
dont have hard feelings if i dont except you
there could be romance
dnt tlk lke diz
you dont have to use capitals or anything like that
talk in () those when out of character
act like your on a deserted island
i would have to ask for a sample post even if i know you
if you read my rules put CRASH somewhere on your form


( if i put an astrid * that is mandatory)

*name ( make it epic)
*age ( 15-19)
*looks (i accept photos and anime but if not make it descriptive unless its a celeb)
 why on the plane

P.S. you dont have to make a boy and girl but make it enough so nobody is left out.


You laugh, you cry, you live, you die.


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March 2010

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Posted over 3 years ago
May I join?

Name: Ethan Hawk
Age: 17
Gender: Boy
Personality: Ethan is an outgoing person. He is a very nice and charming person. He tries to make friends with everyone he can.
Looks: Short brown hair with brown eyes. He sometimes wears glasses. He is 5'7 in height.
He is on the plane because he was going to his mothers funeral. His mother had recently passed away from cancer.
Other: Ethan is very wary about traveling on a plane due to crashes.
Passcode: (What exactly is it? I will edit it and put it in)

Name: Aleigha Rochelle
Age: 16
Gender: Girl
Personality: Aleigha is the shy type of girl. She is quiet.
Looks: Long brown hair with brown eyes. She has a blonde streak in her hair.
She is on the plane because she was going on vacation. She has worked on her fathers farm since she was 12 so she deserves some sort of trip.
Other: Crash.
Passcode ( What is this?)

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June 2012

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Posted over 3 years ago
Seriously mellissa. This was my roleplay. Could you have at least given credit for the plot? There is more to it.....

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