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Inhuman (Closed)

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June, 2012
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( -wink- do you want to? We can always do it, if we want, it's not like its forbidden, just give credit to Whitepaws. )

How to Draw Good
-Fill 14 sketchbook
-do you like sparkle??? draw sparkle
-draw what makes your brain do happy emote
-bad stuff is good stuff bc you made stuff
-your art is hot like potato crisp
-drink lotsa augua
-don't panic amigo all is well
-don't let anyone piss on your good mood
-if they do

5000th post 8/3/13

Inhuman (Closed)

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August, 2013
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(( Yesh let's do it!! ))

~There are many things in this world i would fightn for none i would kill for~

~ Ignorance is bliss~

~Patience is a virtue~

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