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blackheartgirl_2321266 Lock
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December 2012

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Posted over 3 years ago
ok so this rp you have to have an opposite you can ask people to be their opposite and.... ya.

soo this is about people who were born with special abilities and another person was born with the opposite ability (ex: someone was born with fire the other was born with water powers) so these people must prottect the world from a man named Choas who destroyed hos other half. So each person has to have an opposite k?

Bio (optional):

this is my person
Name: Kikyo Sunami
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Looks: shoulder length red hair with black highlights. green eyes. 5'6 wears a black and purple plaid v cut shirt with a black belt. dark blue jeans and black boots
Personality: Hot head, kind, caring, strict, mean, cruel at times
Bio: she was born near China but looks american and speaks american. when she was 8 she discovered her power of summoning the dead.
Power: Summoning the dead
Weapon: bowand arrows with poisioned arrows
Other: N/A

I don't want to love. i don't want to be hurt. i don't want to care. i don't want you to see the real me.i don't want you to say you need me. but wat i want you to do is say that YOU LOVE ME

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August 2011

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Posted over 3 years ago
Name: Evelyn Blue
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Looks: Blue earlength hair, sky blue eyes, pale skin, 5'3 9Cool Tongueounds, wears a grey long sleevedshirrt with light bluejeans.
Personality: Shy, quiet, dosen't talk much,
Power: Can control nature
Weapon: life
Other: she is the opposite of the death summoner (haha Allora i'm ur opposite Big Grin)

For those who beleive their ugly u r beautiful
For those who say they have no meaning u do.
For those who hate me for saying this i love you
And for those who wonder why i'm like this it's because i CARE

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