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House of the Dogs [Open - ATJ]

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Posted about 5 years ago

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In the country of Mexico, there is a city named Guadalajara. Inside of a city, there lies an old mansion of the colonial era. It stands today, yet no one has ever dared to look inside of it, fearing the dogs will come back to life.

Legend says that a man who had four dogs in the mansion what killed and eaten by the dogs in revenge for leaving them to starve while he had left to Europe. Now, the dogs have become statues, and have been placed at the corners of the mansion. People have claimed that they've witnessed the statues move, eyes glowing red and gold, or even hear them bark.

On every other night, daring people sleep in a park across the mansion, wanting to witness the statues do anything, but have failed. Twelve people will enter the mansion at midnight, hoping to finally clear the legend, but will some perish before they get there?

- Proper grammar.
- Requires to know how to RP.
- One character from both genders.
- Characters cannot be killed by other characters, only by “The Dogs.”
- You may only continue 2 pages when I'm offline. Anyone who goes over will be kicked out.
- Put abandonments somewhere in your post if you've read the rules.

Open Slots:
Female #1 - Taken
Female #2 - Open
Female #3 - Open
Female #4 - Open
Female #5 - Open
Female #6 - Open

Male #1 - Taken
Male #2 - Open
Male #3 - Open
Male #4 - Open
Male #5 - Open
Male #6 – Open

We will start by arriving to the city.

Age: [18-28]
Personality: [Optional]
Biography: [Optional]
Appearance: [Picture preferred.]
Weapons: [Only 3 per person.]

Posted about 5 years ago

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Name: Camara O'Reilly

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Personality: Camara is intelligent & expects everything once it's suspected. She is also stubborn & doesn't fear anyone. She isn't afraid of pain, death, or anything, the only thing she fears is being locked in a cage.

Biography: Camara is Irish, but she was born in America. She decided to join the small clan of people to go to the widely known House of the Dogs.

Appearance: Her eyes are a deep, soft & dark ebony black.

Weapons: Para-Ordnance Nite-Tac pistol, & Compact Cruiser shotgun.

Name: Ruben Cortada

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Personality: Will explain through the rp.

Biography: Ruben was born in Spain, but he is also part Mexican. He has a Spanish accent, not a Mexican one.


Weapons: Compact Cruiser shotgun, & Beretta 93R

Posted about 5 years ago

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I'll do mine in a minute!!

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Posted about 5 years ago

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( Can I Join?)

Form: (oh ya and  abandonments smile )

Name: Trinity Campbell (but #### #### will be changed since she is married so #### ##### Kass)
Gender: girl
Age: [18-28] 21
Personality: [Optional],Nice,smart,helpful,caring,lovable,stylish
Biography: [Optional]
Appearance: [Picture preferred.]

Will show soon probably I don't know,
Weapons: [Only 3 per person.] Knives,bow and arrows.
Other: Goth chic married to Davin Kass

second from :  

Name: Davin Kass
Gender: guy
Age: [18-28] : 22
Personality: [Optional], Nice,kind,cute,lovable,awesome,romantic
Biography: [Optional]
Appearance: [Picture preferred.]

Will show soon I hope
Weapons: [Only 3 per person.]sword,and rifle.
Other: Muscular Quarter Back married to Trinity Campbell (Kass)

I love to role play I've been on here for 5 years. Please join some of my roleplays?

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Posted about 5 years ago

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(Abandonment. May I join?)

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