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I wake up to the sun beating down on my face through my window. Just for once I would love to go outside and play in the garden.

Pinkie Pie

Posted about 5 years ago

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(Im just gonna speak 1st person for now)

Im in a room filled with nothing.It's crammed and there was a giant thud that shook the ground.Something was creeping up.Only one door to get out.I opened it and entered the room that was filled with light and hope.I woke up instantly,shaking my head left and right.It was just a dream... I thought.I immediately got up and dressed in my regular clothes.I rushed down to the dining hall and grabbed a bowl of salad and sat beside Eve.

This is me:
40% Otaku/anime lover
25% Directioner
25% Family
10% School

hahahahahaha xD! See dis is one of the many reactions i would do if i saw haruhi being a jb fan.xD

And that is my siggy!Grin

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