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This is the first role play I've made or done in a while, so I'm a little rough around the edges.
But anyways, this idea was something I developed after playing the game Ib. It is a free game for the PC, and it's very fun. It's a horror game, full of jump scares, but still fun.

The plot is about an art gallery that has a secret mural - surrounded by a frame to look like a painting - on one of its walls inside. It is only seen by children or teenagers that have a deep, strong heart, full of kindness and bravery. One day, two kids - or teenagers - wander away from their parents during a visit to the gallery, and discover the mural on the wall. Then the lights go out. Not a single soul is in sight. They wander for a few minutes, searching for anyone that remained, and find each other. The frame around the mural disappears, and then the two are suddenly dragged into the painting by what seems like an invisible force. This is where they meet two kids - or teenagers - just like them, who hope to escape the gallery. What they don't know is that these two were created by a man that painted everything within the gallery. The two kids they meet try and prevent them from finding out so they can take their bodies and escape the gallery they are forced to call home.

It's better to have played Ib before joining, but you don't have to. I can just give you any extra information that you need or want to know before or during the role play.

I'm hoping for this just to be a two person role play; me and someone else. Only if you can handle two characters, though. If you can't, then it can be a three person role play.

I ask that it's only two because the Children Born of Paint won't come in until later on, so it'd be easier to have two people playing the original kids - or teenagers - before they enter the mural. Then there's no unfairness.

Anyways, here is a form.

Species: [meaning human or painting]
Color: [meaning character's rose color; will be explained below]
Painting: [only put this is if you are a painting. it means the name of the painting you are in.]

A few side notes.

If a painting that a kid is in is found and destroyed, the kid will cease to exist and will die the same way that the painting did.
The only way for the humans to find out about the paintings is from reading a book about the gallery or finding the painting.
It's extremely difficult to find the paintings of the kids. They're many floors down in the gallery.
While inside of the mural, paintings and sculptures in the mural gallery come to life and will try and prevent the human kids from escaping by destroying them. They do this because the kids from the paintings are determined to escape. They follow the orders of the kids from the paintings.
Like the game Ib, the two human kids have roses that keep them alive. As the roses wither, so do they. Vases can be found through the gallery which magically return the roses to full health. The kids from the paintings have them, too, but theirs are fake. The color of your rose depends on the color scheme or just favorite color of the character.
Also, ask to join.

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The wrong anwsers game! :3

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