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Thanks to the person who created Children Born Of Paint for inspiring me!

You wake up in a painting. Nobody is in the museum. Its pitch black outside. Not a soul is there. You see paint dripping from you and you pick up a paintbrush engraved with the words HUMAN PAINT. You paint the gray parts of yourself. Then you put it in your purse. Then you find a WORLD PAINT paintbrush, LIFE PAINT paintbrush, and everything you need to survive. You find an easel and paint the real world. And it bursts out. You created a world. Then children come out of hiding! They thank you for recreating Earth....

No Cursing
No Godmodding 
No Mary Sues
Have Fun!
To Create, Use a CS Paint Brush (Creation Spark, means you can create anything you think of)

How You Got Trapped:
Painting Speciality: (Butterflies, Planets, Flowers, etc)
Biography: (Optional)
Other: (Optional)

Jack, you aren't Spiderman. Stop crawling through people's windows. Spider Crawl

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Posted over 5 years ago

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Can I join?

Name: Suki
Age: 19
Gender: Girl
Personality: quick thinker,adventurous,tends to forget stuff and does them last minute
How You Got Trapped: Went into the museum's washroom to talk to a few of her friends in private about a situation and came back out a few hours after the museum closed
Painting Specialty: Birds

Btw when u meant "No Mary Sues" what did u mean by that?

This is me:
40% Otaku/anime lover
25% Directioner
25% Family
10% School

hahahahahaha xD! See dis is one of the many reactions i would do if i saw haruhi being a jb fan.xD

And that is my siggy!Grin

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