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Fighting for Freedom (Advanced Role-Players Prefered)

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May, 2012
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Once they were done with violet she silently went back to her small room
She felt the walls using them for balance she toppled on the floor a couple of times but she finally go to her room.
She hugged her pillow crying hearing noises outside..
Violet wasnt alone here but yet she still felt as if she was by herself


Fighting for Freedom (Advanced Role-Players Prefered)

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September, 2011
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Artemis sighed & charged at the door.  "Open it this instance!  This is ridiculous!  What is this?  Open up".  Little did Artemis know, it would be useless.

Hello there.

"Evil, evil, like a criminal in my mind"
-Shinee's "Evil"

Fighting for Freedom (Advanced Role-Players Prefered)

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December, 2012
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I wheel myself around the flower garden till I get to the swing. I get myself on but then realize I can't swing without anyone's help. Oh well.

Pinkie Pie

Fighting for Freedom (Advanced Role-Players Prefered)

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June, 2012
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Red was out in the garden. She sat in the centre of all of the flowers, on her chest with her feet swinging and sticking up in the air. She hummed softly to herself before looking back at her sister wh sat quietly, absorbed in her books. 

Maia felt eyes on her and she lifted her eyes from her book. Red still sat motionless. She looked so little in her eyes but Red denied it. 

How to Draw Good
-Fill 14 sketchbook
-do you like sparkle??? draw sparkle
-draw what makes your brain do happy emote
-bad stuff is good stuff bc you made stuff
-your art is hot like potato crisp
-drink lotsa augua
-don't panic amigo all is well
-don't let anyone piss on your good mood
-if they do

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