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Hello, and welcome to Белыя людзі траве, a country far, far away.
There are many laws here. However, there are three main ones that you must follow. 
1. No minors (0-21) Are to be out past ten o'clock PM.
2. Do NOT go near белы крывавае river. 
3. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO NOT cross the border to the savages.

Also known as the Tangerine people, since their skin is yellow.  They are disgusting.  According to your country's laws of course.

Recently there have been some problems in Белыя людзі траве, though. A group of gangsters, called the Nappers, have been kidnapping minors and selling them to people who wanted them as many types of slaves for a decent price, and to the persons' family members for 1000 yen or more.
Can you get your family member back, without getting slaughtered?
Can you get out alive?
Can you find out something hidden about the Tangerine people?


Age: (9-21)
Type of flower: (In Белыя людзі траве, people live in giant flowers growing on rivers.)

Name: Lucy Blank
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Bio: She grew up in a normal family with her mom and dad. Her mom was a housewife and
her father was a lumber jack.
Type of flower: Tulip (Pink and white)
Personality: Rude, Sarcastic, shy
Other: N/A

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